Olivier Truong

VSCode/VIM Notes


Select all occurrences of word: Ctrl + Shift + L

Disable "Preview" (files are open in preview mode unless edited or double clicked on, shown in italic.) VSCode → Preferences → Settings → Search for "Preview" → disable


Replace inner content of tags: dit or cit

Select content between any enclosing characters: vi' or vi] or vi)

vaw vs vw the a doesn't select whitespace so if you just want to change a word, use vaw

Use ? to search backgrounds (use it just like searching forward with /)

CMD+T to search symbols (functions, variables, properties, etc) globally

CMD+Shift+O to search symbols in current file

CMD+Shift+P to open the command pallete (good for looking up shortcuts and functionalities)

CMD+D to add current word to selection.

Ctrl + U and Ctrl + D to scroll half page

Shift + H Shift + M Shift+L to move cursor to top, middle, and bottom of current viewport.

Ctrl + O to jump back to last location in file