Olivier Truong

Notes: The Mom Test on Indie Hackers podcast

  • You can’t prove everything just by talking
    • Wouldn’t work as well with a product like Pinterest but works well for products that solve obvious problems
  • At first you don’t want to pitch your idea, you want to have a normal conversation, ask them about their problem and how they’re currently solving it
  • In the beginning, you’re looking for people that are super motivated to fix their problem. As your product becomes more mainstream, you’ll become more acceptable to less motivated people because of built up trust in your brand.
  • In the beginning, you want to validate that someone is a customer. But your product isn’t ready. So if you can’t take money, ask for something else that’s valuable: time, reputation.
  • In these conversations, your goal is to get rejected as fast as possible. This leaves only the real customers.
  • Ask the scary questions like “What’s your budget”, “Who else needs to sign on this purchase? Legal, IT, your boss? Can you introduce me?”