Olivier Truong

Notes: Cloud Campaign on Indie Hackers Podcast


  • Initially set out to build a copy-cat product at a lower price point
  • It didn’t work. Even at the lower price point, people preferred the existing brands
  • Eventually learned that most big brands outsource their marketing to marketing agencies
  • Used public list of thousands of marketing agencies
  • Getting them to talk was hard. Through trial and error, “Agency Spotlight” strategy worked
    • Called them to say “Hey we want to write an article about your agency. We think it’s great what you’ve built and we think many people can learn from it. Do you have 30min to jump on the phone with us. We’ll talk about problems you’re facing (what we were looking to learn!), how did you get to where you are today, how many brands do you work with, etc.
    • This was compelling for them because the agencies are trying to get their names out there
    • In response the agencies asked “how many people are visiting your website?” “Only 1K” they replied. The agencies said sure since it’s only 30min of their time.
    • Best case scenario for agencies they get a few customers from it, worse case scenario they get a link pointed back to their agency website for SEO
    • They ended up writing 1 article a week for these agency spotlights transcribing call into an article
  • Eventually realized that they should niche down and position their marketing software as a way for agencies to scale and serve more clients
  • Learned that agencies want to white label Cloud Campaign with their own logo and domain so they can show it off to clients and charge more for it
  • Ads funnel is optimized for Request Demo
    • Hard to get someone to pull out their credit cards from ad but getting them to schedule a demo is doable where they can then sell them on the phone
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